Happy Monday

Hello and happy Monday!!! I hope all of your weeks are off to a fabulous start. Mine started with a big bowl of oatmeal, a hot coffee and a trip to the gym to work on my back (upper: traps, and lats. Lower back and then biceps) then now I am home catching up on some emails for grad-school stuff before working.

Today I updated the page under “Nutrition 101” labeled Balancing Micronutrients. Head on over and check it out if your one of the many people who are a bit confused about counting macros instead of calories or just not even sure really what macronutrients are! It is an interesting post and I hope you all find it helpful in some way. Feel free to leave comments if you have any questions or email my personal email (adeschenes@utexas.edu). I do not make meal plans or customize macro plans for people but I can give you some pointers and tips based off of my experiences!!

I will check back in with all of my fellow fit-fam later on!!



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